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Solid Edge

Getting started

Watch the Samples for Solid Edge (December 2013) - Getting started video to quickly get up to speed.


We will be releasing a new download for Solid Edge API samples at the beginning of each month. Samples will be available in the following languages:
  • .NET (Managed)
    • Visual Basic
    • C#
  • Unmanaged
    • Visual C++ (Native)
  • Windows PowerShell

Be sure to follow the project if you would like to be notified of new downloads.

.NET - C# & Visual Basic

The two most popular .NET programming languages are the major focus of the project. All samples are written in C# and converted to Visual Basic at the end of each monthly release. The majority of legacy samples available for automating Solid Edge are not written in .NET and converting the samples is not always a straight forward process. A vast majority of the samples on this site are indeed converted legacy samples, thus saving you the time and effort as well as showing best practices.

Visual C++ (Native)

We haven't forgotten about the native (non .NET) programmers out there. While seasoned C++ programmers generally don't need much help automating Solid Edge, there are those trying to learn and C++ is not always the easiest language to get started with. The samples provided in this project will get you past the initial steps of getting started and have you automating Solid Edge in no time.

Windows PowerShell

Windows PowerShell is a great way to automate Solid Edge in a scripting environment. You can write scripts to perform repetitive tasks, batch operations and much more.

Windows PowerShell


Be sure to visit the Documentation page for important information regarding use.

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